no playlist live for me again because canada but I hope everyone else is having fun:) x


So cute


i now have a favorite youtuber 


So cute

Im really happy damon wants to get healthy and stuff, I hope things get better for him too

Body Positive / Self Love / Recovery / Health Blogs


I used to have a “body positive blogs” list that somehow got lost/deleted. Since then, quite a few people have asked me to recommend blogs that are similar to my own that they can follow. 

I follow almost 800 blogs, so I was really daunted at the task of going through them, one by one, and recommending the ones that I thought were dedicated to body positivity/self love/recovery/health/etc.

Since I am sick, I thought it was the perfect time to tackle this project! 

To create this list, I searched through the list of all of the blogs that I am following and clicked on the URLs that sounded body positive. Then, I looked at the first page of their blog before deciding whether to put them on my list or not. Since there are so many, I did not click through multiple pages of their blog before adding them to this list. If you think I’m recommending someone by mistake, let me know. And, by all means, let me know which blogs I should add to the list, since I’m sure I missed some!! 

WARNING: Many of these (especially those under the Body Positivity heading) are NSFW.

These are in no particular order - click them all and see which ones you like!



Body Positivity / Body Acceptance


General Positivity


Recovery (ED / Depression / Suicide Prevention)


Health / Fitness / Weight Loss


I’m dying

updating face tag againn, this outfit reminds me of american horror story

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